Date: August 19th
Time: 5:00 PM- 7:00 PM
Location: Glencoe Park (3700 Glencoe St, Dallas, TX 75206)
Cost: $10



At DEA, we empower athletes of all skill levels to embrace their passion for football through our inclusive League Teams. Our vision is not just about mastering the game, but cultivating character, integrity, teamwork, pride, and a positive mindset in every player. By fostering a dynamic and competitive environment, we aim to develop individuals who are not only exceptional on the field, but also off the field, fueling growth in both their athletic and personal endeavors. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and camaraderie is what sets DEA apart, ensuring lifelong memories and valuable lessons in sportsmanship for all who join our ranks.


Our skills sessions are designed to help players improve their technical abilities on the field. We focus on developing skills such as footwork agility, passing, cathing, offensive and defensive IQ drills, hand eye coordination, and ball control through a variety of drills and exercises.

Our coaches tailor the skills sessions to the individual needs of each player, ensuring that they receive personalized attention and support. We also incorporate game-like situations and scenarios to help players apply their skills in a practical context.

In addition to improving technical abilities, our skills sessions also help players build confidence and improve decision-making on the field. We believe that improving these skills is essential for players to perform at their best and achieve success on the football field.

Overall, our skills sessions are an important part of our football training program, and we believe that they are essential for any player looking to take their game to the next level. Our experienced coaches and supportive environment ensure that every player receives the attention and support they need to reach their full potential.